21st European Congress on Alternatives to Animal Testing, September 23-26 2018, University of Linz, Austria

Opening & keynote lectures


 Opening lecture


Herman B.W.M. Koëter
Managing Director, Orange House Partnership, BE-Brussels & Chairman of NCad, the Netherlands National Committee for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes (NCad), NL-The Hague
The Netherlands Initiative "Phasing out the Use of Experimental Animals within a 10 Year Period?"

 Keynote lectures



Reyk Horland
Vice-President, TissUse GmbH, DE-Berlin
Application of Human Multi-Organ-Chips to Enhance Safety and Efficacy Assessment in Drug Discovery



Jens Kurreck
Director, Inst. Biotechnology, Applied Biochemistry, TU Berlin, DE-Berlin
Generating Human Organ Models by 3D Bioprinting



Helena Kandarova
Executive Director, MatTek IVLSL (In Vitro Life Science Laboratories), SK-Bratislava
Having a Successful Career in in vitro Toxicology: Pillars of Success