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 Wednesday, September 1st 2010

12:00-19:00 Registration open

Pre-Congress Meetings


AXLR8 - '21st Century Approaches to Toxicology'
Public Information Forum (

  funded by the EU FP6 & FP7 program on “Alternative Testing Strategies” 
14:00-14:05 Welcome & Opening Remarks
Chairperson (Troy Seidle, Humane Society International, UK)
14:05-14:30 Horst Spielmann, Freie Universität Berlin, DE
The EU FP7 Project "AXLR8"
14:30-15:00 Carl-Frederik Mandenius, Linköping University, SE

15:00-15:30 Erwin Roggen, Novozymes, DK
EU FP6 Project Sens-it-iv
15:30-15:45 Coffee break
15:45-16:15 Walter Pfaller, Innsbruck Medical University, AT
The EU FP7 Project "PREDICT-IV"
16:15-16:45 Imran Shah, Environmental Protection Agency, US
The US ToxCast & Tox21 Programs
16:45-17:30 Panel Discussion
Chairperson (Greet Schoeters, VITO-CARDAM, BE)
17:30 Close
  This event is free to attend, but pre-registration is encouraged.
Register online at


Workshop - Presentation of search engines with hands-on trials on PC terminals

14:00-14:45 Daniel Brunner, Linz, A
The online database for serum-free cell culture media
15:00-15:45 Daniel Brunner, Linz, A
The online database for serum-free cell culture media
16:00-17:20 Barbara Grune, BfR, Berlin, D, Ursula G. Sauer, Scientific Consultancy - Animal Welfare, Neubiberg, D, Liliana Barrio-Alvers, Transinsight GmbH, Dresden, D
The Go3R Search Engine
17:30-18:50 Barbara Grune, BfR, Berlin, D, Ursula G. Sauer, Scientific Consultancy - Animal Welfare, Neubiberg, D, Liliana Barrio-Alvers, Transinsight GmbH, Dresden, D
The Go3R Search Engine
  This workshop is free to attend, but pre-registration is required.
Each group is limited up to 18 participants.


Pre-Congress Symposium on Serum-free Cell Culture
Follow-up of the Copenhagen Workshop 2009

  Chairs: Gerhard Gstraunthaler, A, and Jan Van der Valk, NL


1. Workshop Report (Toxicol. in Vitro 2010):
Responses, Discussion

2. Follow-up:
a. Serum-free cell culture - what has been achieved?
b. Problems, open questions - common grant application?
c. Quality of FBS batches, experiences with FBS lots

  This symposium is free to attend, but pre-registration is required. Please register via email:

13:00-17:00 Build-up of exhibition
13:00-17:00 Poster area accessible

Welcome Evening - Get Together

19:00-19:30 Opening Lecture
Walter Pfaller, Innsbruck Medical University, A
Lessons learned from 25 years of nephrotoxicity testing in vitro
19:30-22:00 Get Together Party

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 Thursday, September 2nd 2010

07:30-09:00 Registration
09:00-09:15 Welcome Addresses

Session I - Legal, Ethical and Policy Topics Regarding Alternatives

  Chairs: Emily McIvor, UK, and Alois Haslinger, A
09:15-09:45 State of the art lecture
Susanna Louhimies, EU - DG Environment, B
Current status of the revision process regarding the Directive 609/86 EEC

  oral presentations
09:45-10:00 Irmela Ruhdel, D
New EU Directive on the protection of laboratory animals: animal welfare perspective
10:00-10:15 Kristie Sullivan, USA
A qualitative and quantitative examination of the impact of chemical regulation legislation on the field of toxicity testing
10:15-10:30 Hans Steinkellner, I
Human Health Risk Assessment of Pesticides - Novel Approaches explored by EFSA’s PPR Panel
10:30-10:45 Dagmar Jirova, CZ
Alternative methods as an integral part of in-market control on cosmetics in the Czech Republic
10:45-11:15 Coffee break and posters

Session II - Metabolism and Toxicokinetics

  Chairs: Katrin Zeilinger, D, and Mathieu Vinken, B
11:15-11:45 State of the art lecture
Mia Emgard, Cellartis AB, S
Human pluripotent stem cells and their derivatives in assay for chemical risk assessment

  oral presentations
11:45-12:00 Katrin Zeilinger, D
Human liver cell cultivation in a miniaturized 3D bioreactor system for in vitro studies on hepatic drug toxicity

12:00-12:15 Jean-Paul Derouette, CH
An in vivo like expression pattern of CYP450 enzymes found in a 3D in vitro model of the human airway epithelium - MucilAir™
12:15-12:30 Jennifer Bolleyn, B
Effect of Trichostatin A on miR-122 expression in primary hepatocyte cultures

12:30-12:45 Anett Ullrich, D
Human hepatocyte cultures allow repeated application of drugs resulting in repeatable effects on hepatocellular metabolism
12:45-14:00 Lunch (business lunch to be served at the congress venue)
13:00-14:00 Business Lunch - ESTIV Students Session
  Chair: Maria Laura Scarino, I

Session III - Skin / Sensitisation and Eye Irritation

  Chairs: Nathalie Alépée, F, and Chantra Eskes, NL
14:00-14:30 State of the art lecture
Patrick Amcoff, OECD, F
Skin toxicity and regulations aspects

  oral presentations 
14:30-14:45 Stefanie Schoepe, D
Identification of novel in vitro test systems for the determination of glucocorticoid receptor-ligand induced skin atrophy
14:45-15:00 Guenther Weindl, D
Models of localized Candida infections based on in vitro reconstituted human epithelia
15:00-15:15 Marisa Meloni, I
In vitro safety assessment of cosmetic products: investigation of new endpoints for eye irritation
15:15-15:30 Sebastian Hoffmann, D
ECVAM prevalidation study on skin sensitisation alternatives: update on progress
15:30-15:45 Nathalie Lambrechts, B
Assessment of chemical skin sensitizing potency by an in vitro assay based on human dendritic cells

15:45-16:00 Andreas Natsch, D
Prediction of skin sensitizers by combining a high-throughput keratinocyte-based reporter gene assay with peptide reactivity measurements

16:00-16:15 Silvia Martinozzi Teissier, F
Development, refinement and combination of in vitro assays to hurdle skin sensitization complexity


Session IV - Good Cell Culture Practice

  Chair: Gerhard Gstraunthaler, A, and Rodger Curren, USA
16:15-16:45 State of the art lecture
Wilhelm Dirks, DSMZ, D
STR DNA Typing: Intra- and Interspecies Cross-Contamination Detection of Human Cell Lines

16:45-17:00 Jan van der Valk, NL
Improving in vitro methods by developing and using defined culture media
17:00-17:15 Sabrina Ehnert, D
Use of autologous serum improves yield and quality of neohepatocytes for in vitro toxicity testing

Poster session I

  with coffee & regarding topics of session I to IV
survey of the posters with presence of the authors
  Chairs: M. Liebsch, D, Pilar Prieto, I, Irmela Ruhdel, D, Paul Jennings, A, Jan Van der Valk, NL
  list of posters (or as pdf: in alphabetical order (pdf, 242 KB) or sorted by session-numbers (pdf, 238 KB))

Annual General Assembly of EUSAAT (invitation EUSAAT Annual General Assembly 2010)


 Friday, September 3rd 2010


Session V - Acute and Long Term Toxicity - part A

  Chairs: Greet Schoeters, B, and Dagmar Jirova, CZ
08:30-09:00 State of the art lecture
Paul Jennings, Innsbruck Medical University, A
The role of the Nrf2 pathway in nephrotoxicity

09:00-09:15 Hasso Seibert, D
Peroxide-induced oxidative stress and cell death in C6 astroglioma cells

09:15-09:30 Samuel Constant, CH
Assessment of acute, long term and chronic respiratory toxicity using a long shelf life 3D model of the human airway epithelium

09:30-09:45 Ralph Pirow, D
Testing of the toxicity of volatile compounds on human lung cells using the Air/Liquid Interface (ALI) culturing and exposure technique: a prevalidation study
09:45-10:00 Annette Kopp-Schneider, D
Statistical Analysis of the AcuteTox data aimed to identify an in vitro testing strategy for prediction of acute oral toxicity

10:00-10:30 Coffee break and posters

Session VI - Acute and Long Term Toxicity - part B

  Chairs: Eva-Maria Collnot, D, and Klaus R. Schröder, A
  oral presentations  
10:30-10:45 Seyoum Ayehunie, USA
EpiVaginal tissue model for preclinical toxicity screening of chemicals/formulations following single or repeat applications

10:45-11:00 Sara Lindén, S
In vitro gastrointestinal mucosal surfaces for studying host-pathogen interactions at the mucosal interphase
11:00-11:15 Anja Wilmes, A
Transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic alterations in RPTEC/TERT1 cells in response to Cyclosporine A
11:15-11:30 Albrecht Poth, D
In vitro cell transformation assays - Their use in safety and risk assessment

Special Session on Antibody Production

  sponsored by the Dr Hadwen Trust (UK) 
  Chair: Alison Gray, UK, Sebastien Farnaud,UK
  oral presentations  
11:30-11:45 AS Kang, UK
Recombinant antibodies. Past, Present and Future
11:45-12:00 Dong Barraclouogh, UK
Exploitation of potential aptamer technology to replace animal antibody against human tumour biomarkers

12:00-12:15 Mingyue He, UK
Generation of antibodies in vitro: No living cells required

12:15-12:30 Discussion
12:30-14:00 Lunch (business lunch to be served at the congress venue)

Session VII - Nanotoxicology

  This session is sponsored by Animalfree Research, CH-Zurich
  Welcome Address: Sabine Umbricht-Vonlanthen, Director Animalfree Research, CH-Zurich
  Chairs: Ursula G. Sauer, D, and Robert Landsiedel, D
14:00-14:20 State of the art lecture:
Robert Landsiedel, BASF, D
The use of alternative methods for toxicity testing of nanomaterials

  oral presentations
14:20-14:35 Mario Götz, D
The role of alternative test methods in nanotoxicology
14:35-14:50 Christina Brandenberger, CH
Air liquid exposure of gold nanoparticles to study effects, uptake and intracellular distribution in a human 3D epithelial airway model
14:50-15:05 Eva-Maria Collnot, D
In vitro model of inflammatory bowel disease for drug formulation testing and screening

15:05-15:20 Anne Kahru, EE
High-to-medium-throughput evaluation of the ecotoxicity and toxicological profiling of synthetic nanoparticles
15:20-16:00 Round Table – Towards non-animal testing strategies in nano-toxicology – what needs to be done and who will do it?
  Chair and  introductory note: Ursula G. Sauer, D
  Participants: Robert Landsiedel, D, Mario Götz, D, Christina Brandenberger, CH, Eva-Maria Collnot, D, Anne Kahru, EE, Cyrille Krul, NL, Eleonore Fröhlich, A
  Closing remarks of this session: Stefanie Schindler, Animalfree Research, CH

Postersession II 

  with coffee & regarding topics of session V to IX
survey of the posters with presence of the authors 
  Chairs: M. Liebsch, D, Pilar Prieto, I, Irmela Ruhdel, D, Paul Jennings, A, Jan Van der Valk, NL 
  list of posters (or as pdf: in alphabetical order (pdf, 242 KB) or sorted by session-numbers (pdf, 238 KB))

General Assembly ESTIV 2010 (invitation ESTIV General Assembly 2010)


Departure to the Social Evening


Social Evening - Award Ceremonies

  "Dieter Lütticken Award (DLA) To Stimulate Reduction Of Animal Testing"
awarded by the "Intervet Schering-Plough Animal Health Foundation"
  Award of the Doerenkamp-Zbinden Foundation 

 Saturday, September 4th 2010


Session VIII - Reproductive Toxicology and Stem Cells

  Chairs: Horst Spielmann, D, Kristie Sullivan, US
09:00-09:30 State of the art lecture:
Horst Spielmann, FU Berlin, D
The way forward in reproductive/developmental toxicology

  oral presentations
09:30-09:45 Katrin Hayess, D
Mouse embryonic stem cells in developmental neurotoxicity testing: aiming at higher throughput and specificity
09:45-10:00 Pablo Steinberg, D
The coupling of  a metabolic activation system (primary hepatocytes) to the murine embryonic stem cell test expans its use  in reproductive toxicity testing
10:00-10:15 Gabriela G. Cezar, USA
Predicting Developmental Toxicity With Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Metabolomics
10:15-10:30 Sarah Snykers, B
Optimised 1D and 3D isolation and expansion of multipotent human adipose–derived stem cells

10:30-11:00 Coffee break and posters 

Session IX - New Developments and Novel Methods

  Chairs: Erwin Roggen, DK and Thomas Hartung, USA
11:00-11:30 State of the art lecture:
Thomas Hartung, CAAT, US
Lessons learned from alternative methods and their validation for a new toxicology in the 21st century
  oral presentations 
11:30-11:45 Rodger Curren, USA
An in vitro ocular testing strategy for US EPA registration of anti-microbial cleaning products
11:45-12:00 Jacqueline Pusch, D
Establishment of a 3D intestinal tissue equivalent in vitro
12:00-12:15 Tine Hectors, B
Evaluation of in vitro models for investigation of endocrine disruptive effects on insulin metabolism using omics
12:15-12:30 Terry Riss, USA
Multiplexing Various In Vitro Toxicity Assays for High Throughput Screening
12:30-12:45 Kerstin Reisinger, D
The Hen´s egg micronucleustest (HET-MN): successful intra- and interlaboratory reproducibility study
12:45-13:00 Martin Leonard, IRL
Toxicity Profiling of Nephrotoxins in the Human Proximal Tubular RPTEC-TERT1 Cell Line: Influence of Hypoxia
13:00-13:15 Stefan Schildknecht, D
Application of human dopaminergic neurons for toxicity testing

Award Ceremonies

  Poster awards by ALTEX, EUSAAT and ESTIV

Concluding Remarks


End of the Congress


Farewell sandwiches, coffee & tea


Additional information for all speakers:

Please find here the guidelines for submitting manuscripts for the ESTIV/EUSAAT 2010 proceedings, to be published in Toxicology in Vitro - download pdf (75 KB)